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VHE Industrial Automation

Synergie leads to efficiency

Through our collaborative partner, VHE based in Eindhoven, we received a request to participate in the preparation of a quotation for modifications to an industrial machine for an industrial market leader in the Netherlands. However, the machine was located in a plant in Wales. Together, we embarked on the task of enhancing the machine's efficiency.

VHE Industrial Automation, with locations in Eindhoven and Veldhoven, specializes in developing innovative solutions in close cooperation with their clients and partners. Three core values underpin their operations, from conceptualization to successful mass production: delivering on commitments, fostering collaboration, and maintaining flexibility and swift responsiveness. 

These core values align seamlessly with the approach envisioned by Madolex.

VHE: 70 years of experience with high tech expertise

VHE commenced its operations 70 years ago under the name of Van Hout Aandrijftechniek & Besturingstechniek. Throughout their history they have collaborated with numerous prominent clients to devise innovative solutions. VHE is actively engaged in the Semicon, (Smart) Energy, and High-Tech sectors.

Thanks to their expertise and unwavering reliability, VHE has been a trusted partner with whom Madolex has consistently completed successful projects in the past.

stijl element

Adjustments on location

At Madolex, on-site troubleshooting is not an uncommon occurrence. However, this particular machine, known as a pipe scaling machine, is located in Wales. The machine is responsible for producing scaled insulation components used in the insulation of pipelines, chimneys, heating ducts, and more.

Due to the industrial nature of the production process, downtime is a costly affair. It was the end customer's desire to adapt the machine in such a way that the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions would be minimized, ultimately extending the effective uptime. This investment immediately results in a benefit for the customer, noticeable in the production process and the final cost price. With the existing machine, more products can be manufactured without the need for additional labor.

Following a joint visit by the engineers and sales representatives from VHE and Madolex, a proposal was formulated. The end customer was highly impressed with the offered solutions.

Good preparation is half the job

Assembly is often one of the final aspects of the entire process, but since the machine is located in Wales and our workshop is in Roermond, we had to consider this from the very beginning. If, for instance, something does not fit on-site in Wales, making quick adjustments is not straightforward. To address this, we utilize an extensive Factory Assessment Test (FAT).

An FAT is a Factory Assessment Test, which means that the machine components are assembled and tested for mechanical and electrical aspects, as well as control systems, in Madolex's workshop. Once the machine components have been tested and approved, the customer is informed. This benefits the customer by ensuring that the machine has been extensively tested and inspected. Another significant advantage for Madolex is the assurance of seamless on-site assembly. Following the FAT, the machine components were shipped to Wales, where they were assembled by the local installation team under Madolex's supervision.

The synergy between VHE and Madolex has directly resulted in positive outcomes for the end customer.

The Madolex team is made up of experienced and dynamic professionals who actively keep up with the latest innovations and developments. This enables us to proactively align with our customers' needs and optimize the functionality and safety of their machinery.

For years, we have invested in top-notch professionals and equipment. Moreover, we handle everything in-house, from engineering to delivery, or in collaboration with our trusted project partners. This approach ensures that the end product precisely matches our clients' specifications and adheres to our high standards. Personalized engagement is a top priority for us, as we place a strong emphasis on fostering meaningful partnerships, both with our clients and our trusted project partners, such as VHE.

If this customer case has piqued your interest in the possibilities that Madolex can offer for your machinery, or if you have any additional questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us promptly.

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