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About us

Passion, quality and productivity

It's the passion for technology that drives us. Madolex comprises an experienced and dynamic team of professionals actively keeping up with the latest innovations and developments. This allows us to proactively align with your requirements and optimize the functionality and safety of your machines. We prioritize reusing materials and engineering effective solutions that boost your productivity. Thanks to our mechanical and electrical turnkey approach and our years of experience, we can offer tailored advice and the right machine components.

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How we can assist you

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Keeping your machinery in prime condition

An idle machine is a cost factor you want to avoid. That's why we perform both preventive and corrective machine maintenance. This helps resolve production disruptions and prevents defects. Our maintenance specialists keep your most valuable assets running smoothly. We tailor our approach to your company's unique needs, recognizing that every process, production line, and organization is different and operates at a different level.

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Swift revision and repair service

In the event of a malfunction, our experts determine the root cause and proceed to repair and, where possible, enhance machine components efficiently, both mechanically and electrically. Madolex maintains a comprehensive inventory of spare parts, eliminating the need for custom-made components and ensuring a better connection with your machinery. Our revision and repair department has extensive experience with custom solutions and always seeks the right fix, whether in our workshop or on-site at your location.

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Technical turnkey projects

Custom-made machinery or machine components lead to increased efficiency in your production process. To seamlessly integrate such a component, our turnkey approach is essential. We provide complete support from engineering to delivery. Our advanced tools transform each challenge into a 3D design, which is then modified. The machine is then built in stages, with every project step meticulously coordinated. This turnkey approach is employed in both mechanical and electrical projects.

See our work in action
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Your production process is our focus

Madolex is a family-owned business with 35 years of knowledge and experience. We've shared our ambition to be a valuable knowledgeable partner in machine construction and maintenance for multiple generations, continually enriching our know-how. For years, we have invested in the best professionals and equipment. We handle everything in-house, from engineering to delivery, ensuring the end product precisely matches your requirements and meets our high standards. Personal contact is of utmost importance to us, as we value a meaningful partnership. Your challenges are our responsibility!

We offer turnkey solutions, work multidisciplinarily, and deliver a comprehensive package of high-quality technical services. We utilize technical tools to monitor processes, maximize uptime, and minimize disruptions.

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Where we excel

Custom solutions

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions in any situation.

Broad expertise

Our employees are highly skilled and provide proactive advice.

Personal service

Our lines of communication are short, ensuring you have a single point of contact. It's convenient!

Our experts are at Your Service!

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Repair service, Overhauls, Modifications

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