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Struyk Verwo Infra

A (stacking) solution focused on sustainability and efficiency

In the fall of 2022, our client Struyk Verwo Infra from Nederweert (The Netherlands) entrusted Madolex with the task of transforming an existing packaging machine into an automated solution capable of stacking concrete tiles both horizontally and vertically and mirrored. Technical turnkey projects are our specialty, and we eagerly accepted the challenge for SVI!

Paving tiles, then and now

Not too long ago, paving was a manual process with tiles being laid by pavers. To efficiently transport them, the tiles were stacked on their sides on pallets in the factory. Upon arrival at the work site, said paving tiles were manually handled one by one, a time-consuming and physically demanding task. Nowadays, most pavements are laid mechanically, which means that tiles are packaged differently (flat). This approach saves a lot of time and labor, placing the physical burden on the machine rather than on the human workers. However, the option for the new stacking machine to stack tiles on their sides had to be retained because not everywhere are tiles laid mechanically.

stijl element

Solution based thinking

As a family-owned business with over 35 years of knowledge and experience, we recognised a fantastic challenge and got to work. We methodically tackled our task, ensuring that the inserted tiles could be stacked in a mirrored fashion. Additionally, we created a new sorting track for the tiles with two directions: one to the left for tiles stacked on their sides and one to the right for flat-stacked tiles.

We also shortened the pallet supply and constructed a new transfer trolley, a self-propelled cart with lifting and rotating functions for moving a full pallet of tiles from the stacking machine to the warehouse crane.

We also automated the existing gantry crane, enabling it to create a stacking pattern at the warehouse with full pallets, a task that used to be performed manually. Finally, we built a new control cabinet, designed new HMI control screens, and supplied and programmed new servo controllers.

International Opportunities

We wouldn't be Madolex if we didn't conduct all risk assessments and provide the CE documentation for the modifications and newly manufactured parts.

Since the completion of this project, SVI is no longer limited to supplying the mechanically packaged (flat-stacked) bundles solely from their production locations in Amsterdam or Dordrecht. After the transformation, it is possible to serve customers in the southern part of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany from Nederweert. This saves on transportation and contributes to SVI's sustainable cradle-to-cradle objectives.

Struyk Verwo Infra is synonym for "the most sustainable, attractive, and smartly designed outdoor space." As experts in turnkey projects like this, as well as machine maintenance and repair, we are pleased to assist customers like SVI with such challenges. The benefits are clear for both humans and the environment.

At Madolex, it is our passion for technology that drives us. Our skilled professionals collaborate with our customers, provide guidance in line with the latest developments and guidelines, and carry out our work with the highest quality in mind. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can efficiently provide tailor-made solutions. Our wide ranging technical knowledge and personal service make our way of working much more enjoyable and ensure that, together with our partners, we achieve the desired results.

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