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Safe production resulting in sustainable and delicious food

We recently received a request from SoFine Foods BV to modify one of their baking oven lines where meat substitute products are produced. The goal was to partially automate the process and make it safer for the employees.

SoFine Foods, based in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, is a brand with a mission. As a plant-based pioneer, they aim not only to create 100% plant-based and healthy food products but also to do so sustainably, and most importantly, make it delicious. They started in 1963 with the production of tofu, primarily targeting the growing Asian community in the Netherlands. Today, they offer a wide range of meat, fish, and cheese alternatives.

With a healthy passion and bold ambition, SoFine Foods strives to make their products accessible to as many people as possible. Not just vegetarians and vegans, but all those who appreciate delicious food and care about their planet. Innovation is at their core, progress is their mission.

The food processing process

The baking oven for meat substitute products at SoFine Foods uses oil during the baking process, similar to a deep fryer with cooking oil. During the process, a portion of the oil is absorbed by the products as they exit the baking oven. Additionally, the oil ages during the baking process. Hence, it is crucial that the oil is replenished and replaced regularly during the baking process. This replenishment process is also known as "supplementing."

Until recently, the oil supplementing process was done manually using a rod pump operated by the operator. This rod pump was placed in a temporarily set up IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) located next to the production line.

Furthermore, the oil replacement process was semi-automatic, requiring both the oil and heating elements to cool down sufficiently before removing the used oil.

The oil supplementing and replacement process was labor-intensive and in need of improvement in terms of efficiency. SoFine Foods expressed the desire to make this process partially automated and entirely safe. In other words, a task that Madolex was more than willing to provide a solution for.

stijl element

Partly automatic, completely safe

Madolex implemented a system that automates the oil supplementing process using sensors that communicate with the pump control. Oil replacement is now also automatic, initiated when the operator issues the correct command through a control panel. This solution has made the work considerably safer and more organized. Another benefit is that it has created more space around the machine, as the oil tanks are located in a separate room. In addition to making the IBC station mechanical, Madolex also fabricated the piping, pump stations, and control cabinets. Given that it is a food processing process, strict regulations apply to machines that come into contact with the products. All modifications were made in accordance with the highest hygiene and food standards, using stainless steel.

Sustainable solutions

At Madolex, it is our passion for technology that drives us. We are a team of experienced and dynamic professionals who actively follow the latest innovations and developments. This allows us to proactively align with our customers' needs and optimize the functionality and safety of their machinery.

We have invested in the best professionals and equipment for many years. We handle everything in-house, from engineering to delivery. This ensures that the final product meets the customer's requirements and adheres to our high standards. Personal contact is highly valued because we believe in forming meaningful partnerships.

The assignment from SoFine Foods stemmed from a previous project in 2021. SoFine Foods' commitment to sustainability, both as a company and in its products, aligns perfectly with Madolex's vision. We strive to reuse materials whenever possible and engineer effective solutions that enhance our customers' productivity. With our mechanical and electro-technical turnkey approach and years of experience, we provide our customers with tailored advice and the right machine components.

Are you interested in exploring the possibilities that Madolex can offer for your machinery after reading this customer case? Or do you have additional questions or comments? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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